Henland’s Ghosts of My Friends – Unusual autograph book that created inkblot images

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Henland, Cecil (Ed.). Ghosts of My Friends. New York: Frederick A. Stokes Company, n.d.

Edition Unstated. Binding: Hardcover (Original Cloth). Book Condition: Very Good- Condition. Item Type: Book.

84 pages. Size: 6"-7" - Sextodecimo (16mo).

The book is composed of leaves that are mostly blank, except for a place on the recto for the date at the top and name of the person at the bottom, with a light crease down the middle of the page. Directions at the front say, "Sign your name along the fold of the paper with a full pen of ink, and then double the page over without using blotting paper." The result looks like a Rorschach inkblot test, providing a "ghostly" image. There are 40 leaves for signatures. Of those, 33 have been signed and folded, producing the images. The dates on the pages begin in September of 1909 and most are between then and March of 1910, though there is one dated Nov. 28, 1919. 

Bound in red cloth, which has faded to a russet, with the title in dulled gilt on the spine and front cover, along with a pasted-on example of a signature from the frontispiece. There is wear at the head and font of the spine resulting in about 1/4" of loss at the foot. Corners are sharp but worn at the tips.

The text block is tight, though the binding has broken nine leaves in from the front and the same from the back, exposing the webbing. It appears a leaf was torn out where the break is in the rear. The page edges are slightly browned.

There is a round purple seal on the inside rear cover for Nicoll's Art Store in Wheeling, West Virginia.

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