Edwards’ Practical Sermons – First Edition of 1788 Edinburgh Imprint

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Edwards, Jonathan.  Practical Sermons, Never Before Published. Edinburgh: Printed for M. Gray, Front of the Exchange, 1788.

First Edition. Binding: Hardcover (Full Leather). Book Condition: Good Condition. Item Type: Book.

Pagination: 2 blank leaf (Title page on recto; blank on verso), [i] (Advertisement), [ii-viii] (Table of Contents), [1]-401. On the recto of the last page is a bookseller’s catalog. This is followed by the stub of a page (probably where a blank leaf was cut away) and then the rear free end paper. Size: 8"-9" - Octavo (8vo).

A collection of sermons by Jonathan Edwards “transcribed from the author's original manuscripts by his son, the Reverend Dr. Jonathan Edwards of Newhaven” (from the Advertisement on the 2d prelim. Leaf).

WorldCat shows 33 holdings (including the Library of Congress and The British Library, St. Pancras) under three different OCLC numbers (868260381, 559617339, 3685423). Note, however, that the holdings for the last number appear to be a mix of physical and electronic copies. Several copies, including that at the Yale Library, are defective with the front cover detached or the spine cracked.

Bound in polished calf over boards. The front cover is detached. The leather is heavily worn and has scratch marks on the front and rear cover. Bottom corners are bent and the top corners have worn through to the boards. The spine has six compartments, one of which has a glued on piece of leather with the title "Edwards | Sermons" and three lines of decoration at the top and bottom in gilt.

The free end paper with an inscription by a previous owner dated 1838 is attached to the front cover. The signature with the title page and table of contents is barely hanging on, held by the two bottom threads, and the first two leaves are only held at the top of the signature. The rest of the text is tight. The paper has tanned from age.

Scattered foxing, but text mostly clean. The top page edges are browned from exposure. The side and bottom page edges are clean. 

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